SHORT Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Innovate UK are launching new short KTP as a pilot called ‘Accelerated Knowledge Transfer to Innovate’.

These are essentially short KTPs lasting 2-4 months. The first pilot round will open on 5th September and close on Friday 23rd September.

This is a fantastic way to introduce a business to working with the University for a short project and at a heavily discounted rate.

We expect there will be a high amount of interest in these short KTPs and therefore we will prioritise applications relating to the social sciences and net zero, as these are areas under-represented in KTPs. Priority will also be given to applications which are likely to result in a full-length KTP in the future, and applications from early career researchers.

Key criteria are listed below (full document attached);

  • The maximum grant will be £35,000 per project
  • The Business Partner must contribute an additional 10% (minimum) of the total project costs in cash
  • There is no upper limit to the cash contribution of the business
  • The grant will fund academic supervision providing specialist knowledge and expertise to the project
  • The grant will also support an ‘AKT’ Associate, who will deliver day-to-day project activities. Academic supervision may be delivered virtually and should be appropriate to ensure successful project delivery. The minimum level of this supervision is 0.25 days per week.
  • Due to the quick turnaround of these projects, the AKT Associate will need to be known to the University already,
  • AKT Associate(s) should be named in the application and be available to start project delivery immediately upon receipt of a Grant Offer Letter. A PhD student in the academic research group would be the ideal type of candidate.
  • Projects must end by 31 March 2023
  • Be delivered within the UK
  • AKTs must stimulate demand within the Business Partner to deliver further innovation(s) and accelerate delivery through partnership with the UK’s Knowledge Base (e.g a full KTP)
  • The business partner can be a charity or not-for-profit, but it cannot be a government funded organisation.

This is a pilot round and we expect there to be another 2 rounds in October and November 2022.

To find out more look on the national KTP website.

Or for the University of Plymouth

Or for the University of Exeter

Sophie O’Callaghan, Enterprise and Innovation Programmes Manager (KTP)

Laura BuchananEnterprise and Innovation Programmes Manager (KTP)