Call for interested potential users: JET Engineering System Solutions to deliver Next generation Connected Maritime Novel Weather Observation Systems

Call for potential end users – Weather observations technology

JET Engineering System Solutions (JET), S&AO, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and the Satellite Applications Catapult are working together to develop and deliver unique technological capabilities to provide detailed, localised and ‘nowcast’ weather observations within the marine environment. These measurements will focus specifically on surface precipitation and vertical wind profiles. The solution offers performance and safety optimisation for a range of potential maritime end-users through increased data density and resolution at sea. The project specifically advances innovative technology in two key areas: the enhancement of the S&AO Doppler Radar Cloud Profiler (DRCP) to incorporate development of a novel Radar Wind Profiler (RWP); and the unique integration of DRCP, RWP, 5G, satellite, and AIS communication technologies onto a connected maritime platform, forming the proposed Connected Maritime Novel Observation System (CMarNOS).

The application of 5G into the proposed CMarNOS solution enables end-users to access the data rates that are required to facilitate comprehensive and real-time monitoring of weather conditions through almost all marine settings. Our proposed solution has unique power generating solutions and the ability to enable an extensive transmission range and significant data capture capabilities.

This proposed CMarNOS project and solution is technically and market leading, but at an economically affordable market value for both individual systems and fully integrated floating mesh network across an area of interest. The solution will be established with existing technological assets from JET and S&AO, including JET’s global first floating 5G connected buoy at sea and S&AO’s observing system. PML and the Satellite Applications Catapult  will be providing expert knowledge and support throughout the duration of CMarNOS, ensuring the solution will address the challenges faced within the marine environment

To progress with this project, we are at a stage of establishing market and end-user contacts, who would significantly benefit from substantial increases in data monitoring capabilities, weather understanding and fast communication capabilities at sea.

Potential markets/end-users should express interest and backing to the project. At this stage there will be no commercial commitment – just a show of interest required.

Send emails to: Andy Crouch ( and James Thomas (