GBIP in Canada (Ontario): Autonomous Vehicles

GBIP in Canada (Ontario): Autonomous Vehicles

Why Canada? For more than 100 years, Ontario has been a leading automotive manufacturing and supply jurisdiction. In 2018, Ontario was the second-largest assembler in North America, building two million vehicles. By harnessing Ontario’s automotive, manufacturing, technology, and mining clusters — including a regional network of technology development sites, leading industry expertise, R&D centres, innovation hubs, and testing facilities, UK companies can tap into a wide range of resources, capabilities, and opportunities aimed at continuing autonomous vehicle technology development, infrastructure, and legislation. This programme will include a physical market visit in February 2023 to Ontario, Canada.

This programme will take a cohort of innovative companies who are involved in connected and automated mobility (CAM) systems, including but not limited to:

–    Perception & Localisation
–    Safety or Mission Critical Vehicle Systems including Cyber Security
–    Advanced Software Solutions
–    Verification and Validation (V&V) of CAM
–    Technologies for Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems either interior or exterior to the vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure.

The applicant can be undertaking activities as a core technology provider and/or a solutions integrator of the product or service.

Find out hour our GBIP in Canada can help your business grow.

Online briefing event on 24th November 2022 15.00-16.00. Register here

Online application form here. Closing date for applications    Wednesday 7th December 2022, 12:00

In-person GBIP workshop    Wednesday 18th January 2023.
Market visit    Tuesday 21st February – Monday 27th February 2023
Virtual post-visit GBIP workshop     Wednesday 10th May 2023