Oceans represent an enormous untapped resource of clean and renewable energy. It is estimated that 100 GW of marine energy capacity can be deployed in Europe by 2050, meeting 10% of Europe’s current electricity needs.
Ocean energy has the potential to play a significant role in the future energy system, whilst contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, mitigating climate change and stimulating economic growth.
This environment presents new cross-sectoral cooperation opportunities for the marine energy and the space industry to come up with new commercial solutions. For the purpose of this study, ESA Space Solutions has established a cooperation with the Dutch Marine Energy Centre, who will provide feedback to the study results and contribute with inputs towards potential follow-on demonstration projects.

ESA Space Solutions will provide funding to successful teams looking to investigate the technical feasibility and economic viability of space-based applications in support of marine energy solutions, and define a roadmap for services implementation and demonstration.
The activities will be 100% funded up to €150K per activity.

The following scenarios have been identified as key focus areas:
Logistics and operation of marine energy installations

Increase durability and survival of marine energy installations

Resource assessment at different sites (including hence – and forecast, risk analysis, bankability)

Supporting environmental impact assessment of marine energy

CLOSING DATE 17TH November 2020

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