Home Office Maritime Capability Industry Event

On the 27 January from 10:00 – 12:00 Home Office are hosting the Home Office for a Maritime Capability (Small Boats CCTC) Industry Briefing. You can find the original notice on Contracts Finder here.

The purpose of the event is for the Home Office to present to the market the Home Office’s key operational challenges in securing the UK border in the English Channel from migrants in small boats. And to:

• Seek industry insight and expertise to solve these challenges; and
• Gain an understanding of experiences elsewhere in the world.

This is an initial briefing event which will be followed in subsequent weeks by:

• The issue of an informal request for information to participants for industry to share their innovative ideas, new approaches and potential solutions which can be legally deployed in the UK;
• Roundtable workshops;
• Innovation discovery exercises; and potentially
• Demonstration days.

How to register

Please email CCTCIndustryEvent@homeoffice.gov.uk with your company details (Name, Address, Company Registration Number) and full contact details to express an interest in attending the event. It is a condition of attending this event that participants sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so please also sign the attached Non-Disclosure Agreement and send it with your expression of interest. The deadline for registrations is 15 January. 

Please note: Please ensure you add your company name to the document title. The terms of the NDA must be accepted in its current form and must not be modified or altered in any way. The Home Office will not consider any requests for changes to the NDA terms and conditions.

Further details regarding the joining instructions will be sent in due course to those companies which have expressed their interest.