The Innovation Consultancy Grant Fund is an ERDF funded programme that supports high-tech, Devon-based, Advanced Marine businesses accelerate their innovative projects.
The Grant is available to provide financial assistance to SMEs that access professional expertise needed to develop their innovative projects. Businesses that wish to be considered for funding should submit details of their project directly to the MBTC by the closing date of 30th October 2020.
All projects will be reviewed by the MBTC Team and we will respond directly to you by the middle of November. Projects will need to be completed within 3 months of your offer letter i.e. by the end of February 2021. We look forward to working with you!
Quick checks:
• Eligibility for grant – Devon based SMEs working in the Marine sector on innovation projects accessing specialist consultancy services e.g. specialist IP advice, strategic marketing, accreditation, design consultants, business growth and finance specialists.
• What is available – 75% grants on projects of £1,500 or above [typical project value is £4,000 attracting a £3,000 grant] • How it works – You work with a MBTC partner to develop an application which is then assessed by a panel. Once agreed, you engage your consultant, manage the work, pay them then evidence the work and payment in a simple claim form to receive your grant.
• You need to know – These are small grants to give your business a boost so the EU paperwork is minimised as much as possible and the payment to refund part/all of your expenditure should be made within 2 weeks of your claim being approved.

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