MAAT – Marine Autonomy Project Survey

A new programme is in development, focused on supporting research, innovation and economic activity around Maritime Autonomy for the UK, and provide a platform to remove barriers to adoption of MAS.   Known as the Maritime Autonomy Assurance testbed, or MAAT, this aims to deliver an accessible and usable test and certification approach to assure the safety and reliability of Maritime Autonomous Systems, including remotely operated systems, in the UK and internationally.

Lloyd’s Register and NPL in partnership with Marine Research Plymouth, Plymouth City Council and the Ocean Futures Partnership are leading the development of the MAAT programme. To help us optimise the design of the programme and identify how best to support the Maritime Autonomy sector overall, we are undertaking a survey, which we would be grateful if you would complete.  The survey link is here  


Data will be collated and analysed and used to support strategic planning and decision making for MAAT, as well as the economic case for government support.  Note this is an anonymous survey and we are not requesting nor will be identifying individual organisation information in the survey.