Marine Autonomy at City College Plymouth
Marine Autonomy at City College Plymouth

Autonomous and robotic vehicles are the future of marine science. The ability to explore the most extreme oceanic environments including the ocean depths without the need for human operation allows scientists to explore the oceans in ways that were previously not possible.

The focus of the Foundation Degree in Marine Autonomous Vehicles at City College Plymouth will be to provide the future workforce for the blue-tech industries, however, with the free-thinking and holistic approach provided, enabling students to innovate and develop new systems and methods, it is anticipated that there will be the opportunity for students to utilise their knowledge enabling them to become new start-up businesses in their own right.

Upon successful completion, you may be able to progress onto the BSc (Hons) in Marine Autonomous Systems, which will also be run at City College Plymouth followed by the level 7 MSC at the University of Plymouth.

This programme gives the student a broad knowledge of marine autonomy, covering essential engineering topics, as well as essential build, programming and design methodologies. Students embark on several design projects throughout the course where they will be able to use Computer Aided Design along with other industry-based software to showcase their newfound knowledge and skills. A work-based element is introduced into the course through the design modules where employed part-time students can use incorporated work-based projects set by their employers and Full-time students have both the chance of placements or industry set work-based projects. Throughout the course, many of the module’s assessments have been arranged to gain essential knowledge that carry through to other modules. Across all of this a rich range of assessments, including practical based assessments, reports, exams, portfolios and presentations, embed the learning.

Plymouth accounts for 9.16% of England’s entire marine industry with marine manufacturing bringing in £408.6m in Gross Value Added (GVA) and with HM Base Devonport (HMNB) being the largest Naval Base in Western Europe (Plymouth City Council, 2017), City College is ideally located to deliver marine engineering related subjects such as the Marine Autonomous Vehicles (MAV) programme. With over 7100 jobs in marine manufacturing alone. This equates to 21% of the UK’s marine manufacturing capacity, and with marine autonomy becoming the fastest growing sector of this field, this MAV programme is ideally placed to accommodate the growing workforce required to service this industry.

Now part of the South West Institute of Technology (SWIoT) City College Plymouth are developing a Centre of Marine Excellence to ensure that the facilities required to teach this high-end subject. Both practical and theory based subjects have been designed to ensure that students undertake research and development to enable both innovative and entrepreneurial capacity to the autonomous sector.

Learners will study a range of subject disciplines such as marine engineering, naval architecture, electrical and electronic engineering, and software development and programming, making this programme unique in itself, and fit for the future of engineering.

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