SW autonomy cluster awarded a “High Potential Opportunity” to promote inward investment in the sector

The South West of England autonomy cluster presents a key opportunity for investors to benefit from the unique capabilities of the UK’s largest maritime cluster, Maritime UK SW and provide solutions across growing industries.

The award by the Department for International Trade of the High Potential Opportunity in Marine Autonomy  (the promotional materials behind which can be viewed by following the link) highlights the emerging opportunity in the SW to design, test, validate and manufacture marine autonomous systems in the UK’s largest maritime cluster; meeting growing demand across unique early adopter sectors including Offshore Renewable Energy, Defence, Aquaculture and Shipping.

The South West of England has unique natural assets, an excellent research and innovation cluster and unique infrastructure to support Marine Autonomy. The marketing materials will be shared across the globe by the Department for International Trade’s network and through the work of Maritime UK SW as a means of promoting this key growth opportunity for the region.