Maritime Decarbonisation and the UK Ports response via Clean Maritime Demonstrator Projects Webinar


Aim:To explore perspectives and inspire the supply chain to learn from relevant Clean Maritime Demonstrator projects underway in Ports which focus on:

Port of Tyne and Renewable Microgrids – A presentation on Clean Tyne and the real-time digital platform for scenario planning and feasibility studies that will help determine the future power needs of the Port.

Port of Aberdeen and Shore Power – A presentation from the Port of Aberdeen and an opportunity to hear about the results from the project, the next stages and how the project has created a ‘Blueprint’ for Green Ports, not just for Aberdeen but around the UK.

Portsmouth International Port and Hydrogen & Vessel Refit – to include presentations from Brighton University on Hydrogen Hubs and Vessel Retrofit (Shape UK) and how emissions can be reduced in port operations through the transition to hydrogen in internal combustion engines.

Each of the presentations will provide an overview of the project’s goals, challenges, opportunities, planned next steps and is aimed at stimulating thinking and discussion.

Following the individual presentations, participants will then have the opportunity to join themed break out rooms to explore each of the projects in more detail and contribute to discussions by addressing the speakers and posing questions and comments.

This event follows on from the ‘Green Transition’ themed annual SMI PTG Annual Shipping Review Symposium held in November 2021