SWAN AGM and Conference – 28 November 2023

The big day is happening soon! Get ready for this year’s SWAN AGM and Conference – Detailed programme of the day on the link below.

SWAN Programme Final

The South West is perfectly positioned to develop novel, innovative aquaculture and agri-tech businesses. The existing cluster draws on extensive experience across marine and freshwater cultivation with support from world leading research institutes and UK government agencies.

The industry is supported by the South West Aquaculture Network (SWAN) and strengthened by the unique mix of good water quality, advanced marine engineering and political drive for success.

The Dorset Mariculture Strategy and SWAN provide industry with key development and collaboration opportunities to grow the sector holistically, providing food security and contributing to the UK Government’s commitment to Net-Zero Carbon by 2050.

Dorset Coast Forum

The Dorset Coast Forum is a strategic coastal partnership, which looks at the long term issues facing the Dorset coast and its inshore waters. The forum enables investors to discuss issues, gain access to the latest data and information, access support for the design and delivery of innovative projects, and network with key industry stakeholders.  Dorset Coast Forum’s Aquaculture Development Officer provides support to both the Fisheries and Aquaculture industry.

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Dorset & Devon Aquaculture Website

Promotes the aquaculture market in Dorset and East Devon which is growing to meet national and global demand for fish, shellfish and aquatic plants by developing and deploying technologies.

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High Potential Opportunity for Sustainable Aquaculture (HPO)

Dorset has been recognised by the Department for International Trade with the award of a High Potential Opportunity for Sustainable Aquaculture (HPO). The HPO details investment opportunities and is intended to help attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and support sectors to develop business in the South West.

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SWAN members meet quarterly (currently online Zoom meetings).

SWAN 2023 Meeting Information

25th July 2023 – Minutes & Presentations

25th April 2023 – Minutes & Presentations

25th January 2023 – Minutes & Presentations

SWAN AGM and Conference – 20 October 2022

Thank you to those who attended the SWAN AGM and Conference in Plymouth – there was great attendance with 50 people from the Aquaculture sector joining us and we really hope you found it as enjoyable and informative as we did.

Photo of Panel discussion: Chaired by Kevin Brooks, panel members: Oliver Robinson (British Trout Association), Dave Little (University of Stirling), Rhianna Rees (SAMS Seaweed Academy), Martin Sutcliffe (CIEL).

A BIG thank all to conference sponsors, speakers, panellists and market stalls for taking the time to share their work and knowledge. If you didn’t manage to attend or wanted to follow up on any of the talks then you can view the presentation slides below.

Election of Officers SWAN AGM 2022

1. Dave Little, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Sterling

2. Rob Passmore, Aquaculture Enterprise Zone, North Devon Biosphere

3. Rhianna Rees – SAMS Seaweed Academy

4. Angela Mead, Biome Algae Ltd

5. Jack Jarvis, Optimising Water Chemistry for Intensive Production of Rainbow Trout

6. Sharon Jones, Discover Science Christchurch

7. Emma Greenwood, Dorset Biosolutions

8. Chris Anderson, IP In Aquaculture Innovation, Gill Jennings & Every

9. Martin Sutcliffe, CIEL and Aquaculture

10. Phoebe Chadwick, RS Aqua – pre-recorded video

11. Toni Powell, English Aquaculture Innovation Hub Workshop, DCF

12. Claude Kaplan, Hatch, A Business Case for Establishment of an English Aquaculture Innovation Hub

Delegate List – AGM & Conference 2022

SWAN 2022 Meeting Information

26th July 2022 – Minutes & Presentations

26th April 2022 – Minutes & Presentations

January 2022 – Minutes & Presentations

 28th October 2021 – AGM and Conference 

  1. It takes a county to grow an Industry, Elena Piana, Noola Redclaw Ltd 
  2. The Seafood 2040 Programme and Aquaculture Development at Regional and National Scales, Dr Neil Auchterlonie, Seafood 2040
  3. Public perceptions of seafood: Shaping the narrative, Harriet Yates-Smith, Mindfully Wired Communications
  4. Using a combination of tracking and underwater video techniques to assess habitat use and connectivity of commercial important species within offshore aquaculture & coastal areas, Dr Thomas Stamp, University of Plymouth
  5. Support for Dorset’s Key Sectors, John Sellgren, Executive Director of Place, Dorset Council
  6. Practical ocean-based solutions to remove CO2 from our oceans, Howard Gunstock, CarbonKapture
  7. 5G Rural Dorset: Aquaculture, Digby Sowerby, 5G Rural Dorset
  8. Seafish and Aquaculture, Lee Cocker,Seafish Seafish Aquaculture Handout for SWAN Conference 281021
  9. How Aquaculture Innovation Centres Drive Development, Claude Kaplan, Hatch Accelerator 
  10. BTA Vision for the Future, Oliver Robinson, British Trout Association
  11. The Intelligent Merchant City at Fawley Waterside – A Place for Life and Innovation, Brett Trafford, Fawley Waterside 
  12. Opportunites for Aquaculture Horizon Europe 2022

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SWAN Contact details

To find out more about SWAN or to join the Network please contact: –

Martin Sutcliffe – SWAN Chair 
Aquaculture Specialist, Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock

07487 521470

 Max Morgan-Kay – Vice Chair

Business Development Manager & Marine Biologist, ARC Marine

07956 123675