Portland test site to develop autonomous ship data platform – adds further SW capability

Work to develop and test marine autonomous surface ships has been given a boost after a site which will allow sharing of valuable data was chosen in Portland, Dorset (UK) by the UK MCA.This adds further asset to the South West ecosystem around the testing and development of autonomous systems with sector leaders including Atlas Elektronik UK, Thales, MSubs, USS, and Sieche all already operating in the region and many more being attracted here for testing by the range of test and development facilities and the well developed cluster ecosystem. The South Coast Marine cluster welcomes this as a step in the direction towards creating a world beating hub for autonomy here in the South West. Dr Katrina Kemp from the MCA said: ‘This project forms a vital part of a wider initiative by the MCA to make sure the UK is a world leader in autonomous and smart shipping, with UK waters being open for testing of this exciting new technology.’For more information on autonomous systems in the South West visit https://maritimeuksw.org/autonomy-and-robotics/  For more information on this story visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/test-site-to-help-develop-autonomous-ship-work