University of Plymouth engagement in UK Maritime Cyber Security Trade Mission, and Atlantic Future Forum on HMS Queen Elizabeth, New York, 26th to 29th September.

Prof Kevin Jones and Kevin Forshaw attended the UK Maritime Cyber Security Trade Mission in New York to present a cyber-attack scenario on the Port of New York.  The event took many UK Cyber Security technology companies to increase connections with both collaborators and end-users in the US to safeguard trade in response to deteriorating geo-political events.

The scenario presented highlighted how malware contained in a spoofed navigational chart update could trigger an attack on navigation and propulsion systems of a vessel entering the port.  Many connections were made with the Port Authority and the US Coast Guard, and the University is hoping to return to New York later this year to influence policy and procedures that would reduce the likelihood of an attack.

The University was also invited to attend the Atlantic Future Forum on HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was a very high-profile event with over 600 delegates including the Chief of Defence Staff, the First Sea Lord, the Second Sea Lord, Secretary of State for Transport and the Secretary of State for International Trade.  This event focused on Defence, but also the safeguarding of international trade from maritime on which we all depend.

The work of the Maritime Cyber Threats Research group is increasingly attracting international recognition, and many new connections were made on cyber-related issues, and also in relation to use of Marine Autonomy in Smart Sound.  Atlas Elektronik were also present, and it was great for the University to part of the wider South West contingent to promote our leading strengths in differing areas of Marine Technology