Webinar: Strengthening Partnerships – What does the Defence AI Strategy mean for you? 14th July

The UK Ministry of Defence recently published its Defence AI Strategy, which sets out its vision to be the world’s most effective, efficient, trusted, and influential Defence organisation for its size. Closer partnerships with the UK Artificial Intelligence sector (and the technology sector generally) are central to the MOD’s vision, and to the objectives of the National AI Strategy.

The MOD, together with techUK, the Turing Institute and ADS, are co-hosting a webinar which will explore MOD’s thinking and forward plans following the publication of the Defence AI Strategy. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and offer views on the Defence AI Strategy, and its implications for Defence, industry, and academia.

The webinar will also provide attendees with the opportunity to explore how government, industry and academia can better understand how to work more effectively and collaboratively in the field of AI going forward.


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